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The Art of Sacrifice

Heartbreaking photos of doctors and nurses unmasked during breaktimes sparked viral sharing. These acts of human sacrifice see them taking the great plunge into the treacherous combat zone of Covid-19, hour after hour, day after day. Yet there is no definite end to this painful saga.

On the other spectrum there are the Corona Party Animals, distancing themselves from the Covid-19 warnings.

To take Covid-19, or social distancing, seriously, or not, is no longer an isolated decision.

Whilst we ask of medical frontliners to inconvenient themselves to such an extent, working tirelessly and living apart from their own families, the rest of us ought to be able to live with temporary inconveniences, however long it takes.

Why, we are all six degrees apart. We are all in some way inter-connected.

But we are not at all powerless if we work together for the bigger US.

For us, in our art space, we decide to launch the Mask Design Competition not only as an outlet for captive creativity and participation, it marks and keep in record this period of unforgettable hard times where the entire world suffer in unity.

For all your worries, frustrations, anxieties, hopes, expectations, resilience and courage, let the emotions flow through your Mask Design and let us bear witness to and commend the different art and acts of sacrifice.

Stay safe and be well.

Photo Credits: nurses/608671/

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