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Studio Interview with Professor Gallagher: Art Disputes & Exotic Tastes in Collections

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Mung7Art is very pleased to receive Professor Gallagher at our studio for an interesting chat. We found many common exciting initiatives such as a need for widespread art educational topics on provenance, authenticity, collecting, gifting of art, art disputes prevention & exotic art practices! Professor Gallagher came across as very approachable with deep knowledge in his fields of art, antiquities and property legal matters, and we look forward to collaborating with such a talent in the developing of our Mung7Art Academy. We recently attended his online seminar on Greater China Legal History Seminar Series “Collectors and Collections of Chinese Art and Antiquities: Problems with Gifts, Trusts and Legacies” held by the Chinese University of Hong Kong on 3 April 2020 with around 1,300 registrations from different countries around the world. Set against his office labelled as a "mini museum" filled lovingly with silver collectibles, antiques and books, he surely puts in practice his own "private museum"!

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