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Create a masterpiece of your portrait with AI artist

Photography has around 200-year history and we have changed our ways of taking photos from holding a camera and capture image of people to using our smartphones to take selfie. Whether getting your portrait through the classic or trendy way, have you ever imagined it can be remastered as a painting from the good old days and you will be able to change the painting style instantly with just a few clicks of the mouse or taps on your smartphone?

Sato, a full-stack developer from Japan has created AI Gahaku, an AI artist which can generate a masterpiece from your photo. It is easy to use and the website of AI Gahaku provides a clear guideline on picking a photo that shows the user’s entire face with some sample photos and an instruction that photos of animal, object and illustration should be avoided. There is no doubt that AI Gahaku is user-friendly as we only have to upload a photo with human face from computer or smartphone by clicking the “SELECT FROM THE LIBRARY” button and then we can get an amazing portrait in renaissance style and select the one with your favourite painting style (or the one shows the prettiest face) to save or share to social media. Are you concerned about your privacy by uploading photos with your face? According to the website, “photos sent to the server will be automatically deleted” and you are safe to go!Are you interested in getting a masterpiece of your portrait? Try AI Gahaku here.

So from now on, you may choose to upload a selfie photo simply taken with your phone or a painting of your portrait with renaissance style created by AI Gahaku to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and share with your friends (or fans?) in just a few seconds! Some users even changed their profile pictures to portrait generated by AI Gahaku! The social media has gone wild with the creativity of AI Gahaku recently and let's see how the users react online.

Some are quite confident with AI Gahaku!

But not everyone is happy with AI Gahaku...

Some can't tell if they like AI Gahaku or not...

As a reminder, AI Gahaku is not always working...

Apparently AI Gahaku is not perfect at the moment as the creator has left a statement on the website: "Currently, we are confirming that the output of the AI artist has been biased. We hope to use a wide variety of learning data and increase the diversity of output in the future. I'd love to have your support in the future!" Users can fill in the online survey at the bottom of the website to help the creator to improve AI Gahaku and we are hoping there will be an updated and more powerful version of the AI artist in the near future.

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